4 Things you can do NOW for ADD / Autism / Sensory Processing Disorder suspicions …



Well, I make no promises. And I’m not a doctor – let’s just get THAT out of the way.

NOW I can tell you how excited I am!

We had a rough couple of weeks. Special needs Mommas, you need no further description.

Edgy, twitchy, whiney, screaming, uncomfortable kiddos. You know the signs when you see them. It twists your gut into knots and you know it’s coming… The wrath… the shot nerves, less eye contact, can’t sit still …


Granted, I had fallen off the wagon a bit. We had opened up our diet, “cheated” a bit more than normal (occasional flour tortilla and corn chips, nothing terrible but gluten and GMO’s are not on our side here).  We had run out of Aloe Vera juice and I hadn’t made it a priority to get more.

So, I quickly adjusted our diet and schedule and…

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