Asperger’s, attraction and sex


This one will be fun.

There’s a lot of discussion online about aspies and sex – not surprising, given we experience such intense and multifaceted sensual, emotional and cognitive worlds. As a result, there’s a lot of discussion about aspies either really, really liking sex, or really, really not liking sex. I have to say I fall firmly in the former category, as hard and often as I can.

Prior to meeting my life partner, I had given up on having really satisfying sex though, as all bar one of the men I had slept with were just downright boring in bed. For me, sex was and is wildly intense and transcendent, but I hadn’t had any sexual partners who approached it with anything like the filthy, worshipful indulgence and immersion that I did, and that I expected or hoped they would. The sexuality of myself and my partner matches…

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